Some projects we have been working on…

New feedmill in Trinidad, W.I.

We are working on greenfield feedmill project with a +25 year client in Trinidad in the West Indies. We have selected a process provider and are working through the regulatory process so that we can begin construction in 2023. Hecho is working as the client’s technical advisor and has provided direction in the process design as well as layout and design of equipment, ingredient and finished goods bins, as well as site layout. We look forward to breaking ground and getting this project moved into the construction phase.

Excerpt from the process flow diagram of the new mill.

New feedmill storage project in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, S.A.

We have been working on this multi-phased project as engineering support, providing direction on unique structural solutions to integrate the structures that were supplied by various providers from different countries around the globe. The silos, catwalks, and support towers required foundations that integrated with the adjacent feedmill. We worked with the project engineers to ensure that everything came together in a timely and effective manner.

A work in progress.

FEA design for a vibratory feeder support in Ontario, Canada

A client contacted Hecho during a shutdown installation of a vibratory conveyor that charged a freezer with prepared food. There was an issue with interference with a drain that was affected by the thawing of a frost lens under a decommissioned freezer. This required a unique design to facilitate space constraints and ensure an installable solution. Hecho worked with the client and local fabricators to provide a solution comprised of available materials that was built in time to ensure the line was back up and running on schedule.